Multihead weigher MW1013 potatos

Multihead weigher MW1013 celery

Multihead weigher MW1013 onion, carrot

Automatic weigher AW115

Automatic weigher AW312


SORPAC - we are a Polish company producing weighing and packaging machines and complete technological lines for portioning and packing of fruits and vegetables. Thanks to our flexible production we are able to offer specific solutions. The machines we provide have numerous advantages. They are innovative, reliable, safe and competitively priced. We offer our clients professional customer service, free training for the first start-up, warranty and post-warranty as well as after-sales consulting . Our machines enable fast and highly accurate weighing and packing of vegetables while reducing costs.
We offer a wide range of solutions for weighing and packing of vegetables:
electronic batching scales packers, electronic weighing and packaging machines - automatic scales , multi-head weighing machines, automatic bagger rollstock , brush cleaning machines, selection tables or specifically need-tailored machines.

Wszelkie prawa do zawartości strony internetowej zastrzeźone dla SORPAC Oblizajek, Pawlak, Steinke, Sp.j.  z siedzibą  przy ul. Golska 56, 63-233 Jaraczewo, wpisaną przez Sąd Rejonowy dla miasta Poznań, IX Wydział‚ Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego do rejestru przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego pod numerem KRS 0000542139, zarejestrowana jako podatnik pod numerem NIP 617-220-57-83

ul. Golska 56,
 63-233 Jaraczewo

tel.: +48 62 307 09 50

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